medical specialist over physical therapy

Choosing the right medical specialist after your traumatic sports injury is a crucial step in the rehabilitation process.

Your choice between a sports medicine physician and a physical therapist sets the tone for your recovery from the very beginning. When choosing between these two similar yet distinctly different forms of medical rehabilitation, it’s important to fully understand each medical practice.

Physical Therapy For Physical Impairments

Physical therapy can be described as the guided or physically manipulated rehabilitation of the body in an attempt to improve the patient’s flexibility, strength, function and overall health, and wellness. Physical therapists or physiotherapists work to improve physical impairments through the examination, evaluation, diagnostics, and treatment of their patients.

While the education requirements for physical therapy are changing to require a doctorate degree, the vast majority of active physical therapists in the U.S. have not undergone any education on the doctoral level. Physical therapists can specialize in a given sector of rehabilitation such as sports, pediatrics, orthopedics, and geriatrics, most physiotherapists treat a wide variety of patients.

Sports Medicine For  Sports Injuries

medical specialist over physical therapySports medicine, or more appropriately, sports and exercise medicine, is the practice of examining, evaluating, diagnosing and treating injuries sustained through sports and exercise. Sports medicine physicians are required to complete medical schooling and the necessary residency and training before they are allowed to specialize in sports medicine. Those that choose to specialize in sports medicine are recognized as fully licensed physicians and are then allowed to prescribe any necessary medications for the best possible recovery for their patients.

As specialists, sports medicine physicians understand the nature of exercise and athletics injuries better than any other medical professional. They are accustomed to the symptoms of common and rare injuries and ailments that professional athletes sustain while on the court or field. Sports medicine practitioners are also adept at creating and executing treatment plans that allow for athletes to recover not only quickly but fully. They understand that as athletes, you can’t afford to lose your edge. It is imperative that you sustain the full capabilities that you had before your sports-related injury.

The Benefits Of Choosing Sports Medicine Over Physical Therapy

If you sustained your back or neck injury right before or during your season, then there is no time to waste. This is why it’s best to go with a physician that specializes in sports related back and neck injuries.

An average physiotherapist may have to research or consult with a specialist in order to diagnose and treat your injury. Why not cut out the middle-man? A sports medicine clinic such as AllPro Orthopedics and Sports Medicine as seen and successfully treated nearly all sports injuries. Unlike physical therapy centers, we are fully equipped with the necessary tools and staff (orthopedic surgeon) to handle even the most serious of sports injuries, so there is no need to refer to another specialist. We are the specialists!

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