Speed up the Recovery Process After Knee Replacement in Florida, and Get Back to an Active Lifestyle More Quickly.

Knee Replacement Pembroke Pines FLIf conservative measures do not relieve you from a knee injury, your medical specialist will discuss the next steps with you and determine if surgery is the right choice.

A knee replacement surgery can significantly reduce pain and improve quality of life.

Your recovery may last forever if you’ve recently had knee replacement in Florida. The recovery process can be sped up and made easier if you do a few things.

Recover from knee surgery as soon as possible with these tips from our orthopedic specialists in Florida.

What is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee surgery is one of the most common procedures in the United States. Traditionally, the surgeon trims and adjusts the knee during surgery. However, we utilize Visionaire Patient Match at All-Pro Orthopedics & Sports Medicine.

Visionaire is a custom-fit replacement of the knee joint. The pre-operative planning minimizes pain and time spent in surgery. It also ensures a better-fitting knee joint.

Do I need the surgery?

Most people need knee replacement surgery if they are in pain, even at rest, and have reduced mobility due to wear and tear on their knee joints. A common cause of chronic knee pain is osteoarthritis. As cartilage and fibrous tissue (meniscus) wear away, bone-on-bone contact increases, resulting in pain.

In addition to knee pain at rest, people who need knee surgery usually have problems walking, climbing stairs, and getting in and out of chairs. With the help of our orthopedic surgeons in Florida, you can improve your quality of life, reduce pain, regain mobility, and regain the ability to participate in recreation and work.

Recover Faster From Surgery With These Tips

  1. Do physical therapy regularly.

    Physical therapy aims to restore function, strengthen the body, and improve fitness. Physical treatment accelerates the recovery process. Physical therapy exercises and activities are designed to meet each individual’s unique healthcare needs. Even so, everyone gains the same health benefits.

    A physical therapist can help you achieve the following:

    • Ease pain
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Maintain circulation in the area
    • Restore joint strength and mobility
    • Strengthen supporting muscles
    • Eliminate joint and muscle stiffness
    • Improve balance
    • Regain normal gait
    • Return to everyday movement and activities

  2. Keep the Knee Straight.

    Immediately following your surgery, keeping your knee joint straight is crucial. Avoid being on your feet for too long, and use crutches or a wheelchair if you must move around.

    Wear your knee brace as much as possible to keep your knee straight and prevent unnecessary strain. Braces protect and stabilize your knee, which will aid your recovery.

    Maintain a straight leg while seated or lying down without any bend in the joint. Your doctor will let you know when the joint is ready to bend and move again.

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  3. Follow Post-Op Instructions Given by Your Doctor.

    Taking care of yourself during the recovery period after knee replacement is essential to the success of the surgery. It is vital to keep the incision clean and dry to prevent infection. The use of prescribed pain medication should only be done as directed and only when necessary. Taper off medications as the amount of pain decreases.

    Your doctor may prescribe surgical stockings or knee braces after your surgery. Wear them! Keep your knee brace or stockings on as much as possible to keep your knee straight and prevent unnecessary strain and blood clot formation. Braces protect and stabilize your knee and aid your recovery by protecting and stabilizing it.

    In addition to checking for signs of infection and other problems, your surgeon will also ensure your artificial knee is working correctly.

    After surgery, you may experience some pain, swelling, and stiffness, but these symptoms are not necessarily serious. Nevertheless, if you experience any of these symptoms, especially if they are severe, unexpected, or getting worse rather than better, you should see your doctor.

    Pay attention to your knee and report your progress over time. Also, let your doctor know about any concerns or signs of problems.

  4. Participate in Doctor-Approved Exercises.

    It’s crucial that you only participate in exercises and activities that your doctor approves. Specialists in All-Pro Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in Florida customize your exercise regimen depending on how complicated your surgery is, the state of your overall health, and how much time has passed since surgery.

    Exercise can help strengthen your knee muscles and keep you mobile long-term. Generally, they will recommend low-impact exercises over high-impact ones that can strain your knees.

    Doctor-approved exercises may include the following:

    • Walking
    • Swimming
    • Dancing
    • Cycling
    • Bending and extending the joint while seated
    • Use of elliptical machines
    • Yoga
    • Weightlifting
    • Calisthenics
    • Leg presses using a resistance band

    If you plan to start a new sport or physical activity, speak with your doctor first. By not doing so, you might agitate the surgical site or re-injure the knee, which would only delay your recovery.

Generally, knee surgery provides pain relief, improved mobility, and a better quality of life, as most replacements can last over 15 years.

Improve Your Quality of Life with Knee Replacement in Florida.

Knee Replacement Pembroke Pines FL

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