You Can Do Things To Stay Active Even After Knee Replacement Surgery.

Knee Replacement Pembroke Pines FLSurgeries are meant to make your life better instead of the opposite.

So if you think knee replacement in Pembroke Pines, FL will stop you from having an active lifestyle, think again.

After the procedure, you must engage in physical activities such as sports and exercise. This can also be the chance to try doing things you couldn’t do pre-surgery.

Part of maintaining good health is being physically active. You cannot just sit around and wait for the good things to come. Consistently being up and moving can positively affect not just the physical but also the mental health of a person.

But the question is, which activities can you do following a knee replacement surgery?

Knee surgery has helped millions of people and has a 90-95% success rate, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It has been helping patients of all ages recover their mobility and strength.

Who is Eligible for Knee Replacement?

Knee replacement is considered one of the finest procedures in the US. It has helped patients of all ages regain their strength and mobility. In the past, this surgery was mainly recommended for older patients struggling with chronic immobility but ran out of options to resolve the issue.

But as time passed and technology evolved, more younger people opted for a knee replacement rather than restricting themselves from doing certain activities for years or decades.

  • Below are the following candidates for knee replacement:
  • Individuals whose activities have been curtailed by knee pain
  • Individuals who are unable to perform everyday tasks
  • Individuals with end-stage arthritis
  • Individuals who experience persistent pain during activity or at night
  • Individuals who have not successfully responded to other methods

Exercises and Activities to Do Post-surgery

Having your knee replaced is not the end of the line. Instead, it is an opportunity for you to try and explore things you weren’t able to in the past. If you are an aging adult who always wanted to play golf every Sunday or go salsa dancing with your friends, this is the perfect moment to start doing them.

Here are the physical activities you can do following a knee replacement surgery:

  1. Walking
    Walking is one of the most basic exercises and a beneficial one at that. It’s good for burning calories and developing a healthy heart. Furthermore, it’s a great activity that will help you build strength in your knee.

    You can begin by taking shorter steps in shorter distances as you work up to longer strides and walks.

  2. Swimming
    Swimming is an ideal exercise method that does not put too much stress on your artificial knee. You can try various types of water-based exercises, such as aqua aerobics.

    Doctors usually recommend patients swim three to six weeks after the surgery, but it’s best to consult your own before diving into a pool.

  3. Cycling
    Cycling is another excellent way to build up strength in your new knee. Peddling forward and backward can help you gradually regain your knee’s strength. You can do this using an actual bike or opt for an exercise machine if you want to remain indoors.

  4. Dancing
    Lots of people dance for fun and for the sake of socialization. However, dancing is also an essential aspect of being healthily active. It involves using leg muscles, making it an ideal light aerobic activity.

    Remember to refrain from twisting or doing abrupt movements that could compromise your knee’s alignment. High-impact movements like jumping should also be avoided.

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  5. Weightlifting
    Do not be afraid of lifting weights after knee surgery, as long as you choose ones suitable for your size and strength. Weightlifting also helps build strength and reduce the knee pain that you are experiencing.

    It would be best to consider practicing resistance training because it can help your bones grow and become stronger. But before engaging in any weightlifting program, remember to talk to your doctor first.

  6. Yoga
    Yoga is a very inclusive type of workout that is important in building strength. The stretching might seem gentle, but they’re great for improving flexibility, avoiding stiffness, and enhancing the health of your knee overall.

    Again, you should avoid twisting moves and keep your knees aligned with your hips and ankles. The great thing about yoga is that you can modify the poses if you ever feel any pain or discomfort.

  7. Bowling
    Did you used to bowl, or do you want to bowl finally? If either is the case, good news: you can bowl after knee replacement. It’s deemed generally safe to bowl following the surgery, but you must use a lighter ball to avoid putting too much stress on your knee.

    Remember that any indication of pain or discomfort means you should stop and take a break.

  8. Golf
    Golf is a sport that a lot of people use as a way to talk business. Health is your business, so try golfing around to stay active after knee surgery. Golf involves a lot of walking, requiring your lower and upper body muscles to work.

    Always remember to maintain a good balance when hitting the ball from the tee.

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