Recovering from hip replacement surgery can be a daunting task. Not only can the pain be frustrating, but if you don’t take the right steps to recover properly from hip replacement surgery, you leave yourself susceptible to poor flexibility, muscle weakness and bone displacement following your surgery.

Allow your surgery to be the beneficial treatment to your ailments that it’s supposed to be by taking the right steps after hip replacement surgery to ensure a safe, effective and quick recovery.

Prepare for your Surgery

Doctor Examining Male Patient With Hip PainThere is work that you can do before your surgery ever happens to ensure a quicker recovery.

Preparing mentally and logistically for your rehabilitation sets the tone for a hasty yet complete recovery.

Understanding that recovery is difficult and that you will not be able to return to your normal activities for what could potentially be months will keep you grounded throughout the recovery process.

You will also need to prepare your home to accommodate a recovering patient. Decluttering your rooms and hallways will eliminate the risk of a rehab extending fall. Preparing each room to support your mobility with rails and assistive walking devices (walkers, crutches, canes) will eliminate overexertion on your weak hip.

Opt for Hip Pinning

Hip pinning helps to stabilize the hip after surgery through the use of metal screws, rods, and plates. This hardware works to support the bones and muscle tissue through a safe and efficient recovery.

Patients who choose hip pinning will have the support to safely exercise the tissue and ligaments surrounding the hip to hasten the rehab process and strengthen your hip back to its original vitality.

It also provides the structure to prevent any broken bones from healing improperly. By pinning the hip into its proper place, this procedure can prevent the risk of painful and potentially dangerous bone displacement.

Rehab Consistently

Rehabilitation for hip replacement surgeries starts on day one and, to ensure complete recovery of hip mobility and strength, needs to be consistent throughout the duration of your recovery process.

Fuel your Recovery with a Proper Diet

Your body always requires a balanced diet to stay healthy. This is even more so the case when we are recovering from surgery. Our bodies require more nutrients to properly heal from the tissue tears and ligament damage that comes with serious hip injuries. Make sure that your diet consists of Vitamins A and C, Omega-3s, zinc, and proteins to fuel your body for a successful and quick recovery.

Be Smart

Being limited by surgery is one of last places we want to be in. There’s no doubting that recovering from an injury or surgery gets in the way of our daily routines. We have to be patient because this recovery will be temporary IF WE ARE SMART. Breaking back into our favorite activities and normal routines too early can prolong the recovery process and potentially lead to permanent damage.

Whatever it is, it can wait! We know it’s frustrating, but even a month-long rehab is better than lasting hip pain or immobilizing tightness.

Be smart about who you choose to execute your important hip replacement surgery. All-Pro Orthopedic has the expert orthopedic surgeons to properly conduct this serious operation with ease and consult with you to make the best decisions to successfully recover from your hip replacement surgery. Contact All-Pro Orthopedic today!