Get back to an active lifestyle more quickly after shoulder surgery in Florida.

Shoulder Surgery Pembroke Pines FLShoulder injuries are pretty common. They can happen in various ways, such as a fall or contact sports injury.

The shoulder is one of the most vulnerable joints in your body because it does not have any bones or ligaments to protect it from injury. This means that many people with shoulder injuries will need surgery to repair their torn rotator cuff.

Each year, approximately 200,000 Americans require surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff.

How can you ensure a safe yet full recovery after shoulder surgery? And how long does recovery take? We have some top tips so you can recover fast from the surgery.

There are more than 50,000 Americans who undergo shoulder surgery every year, and your routine following surgery can make a huge difference to your recovery.

Signs You May Need Shoulder Surgery

There are several signs that it may be the best solution for pain relief, including:

  • Long-term pain that limits activities of daily living or recreation.
  • An injury resulting in weakness or loss of motion. This may indicate a more serious injury that may require surgery.
  • An unstable shoulder that pops in and out; recurring problems typically require surgery.

Treatment Options Available

There is a wide range of treatments for shoulder pain, including stretching, rest, ice or heat, and physical therapy, which are less invasive.

Personalized physical therapy treatment plans can improve the daily quality of life for almost all patients, reduce pain and increase strength and mobility for most shoulder issues.

With the help of our orthopedic surgeons in Florida, you can improve your quality of life, reduce pain, regain mobility, and regain the ability to participate in recreation and work.

Recover Faster From Surgery With These Tips

Completing everyday tasks can be challenging if your dominant hand is affected by your surgery. Here are five things you need to keep your recovery stress-free.

  1. Prepare your home.

    The first tip you should follow is to prepare your house before surgery. Don’t forget to equip your shower with all the necessary items so that you’re ready to go once you’re rehabilitating your shoulder. You can recover at home and bathe with as little pain and discomfort as possible.

    Make sure your essential items are easily within reach. Find things you typically use in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and living area that are stored in places where you have to move your shoulder and arm to access them.

    You should avoid getting the incision site wet until your doctor says it’s safe. Showering after surgery is much easier with a detachable showerhead. You can also secure a plastic bag with tape or use a waterproof bandage to prevent it from getting wet.

  2. Get help from your friends or family.

    It is difficult to know how long you will be unable to do your daily activities independently. Prepare for worst-case scenarios by preparing a support system beforehand.

    Whether you have family or friends living with you or you, live alone and need special arrangements, be sure someone is available to help you with tasks like grocery shopping, cooking meals, and housekeeping.

    You will also be unable to drive after surgery, so arrange transportation to your appointments.

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  3. Practice physiotherapy exercises regularly.

    The purpose of physical therapy is to restore function, strengthen the body, and improve fitness. Physical therapy helps speed up the recovery process.

    A variety of exercises recommended by our physical therapists in Florida can help you slowly but surely get back on your feet following surgery, including occupational therapy and physiotherapy exercises at home.

  4. Prepare your bedroom.

    Sleeping flat on your back after surgery can be painful for most patients. As you lie on your back, your arm rests on top of your body, putting pressure on the surgical site.

    By sleeping in different positions, such as side lying or propped up in bed with pillows beneath your head and shoulders, your arm pain can be relieved. Even when sitting down, you can take the stress off your shoulder.

    Rather than buying firm pillows, buy soft pillows. Put additional pillows along your body to prevent rolling over onto the affected shoulder while sleeping. Using a reclining chair, bed wedge, reading pillow, or stack of regular pillows can help relieve the pain while sleeping in a semi-inclined position.

  5. Follow post-op instructions given by your doctor.

    Taking care of yourself during the recovery period after the surgery is essential to the success of the surgery.

    As directed by your doctor, your shoulder will be in a sling for a few days after surgery. This allows the rotator cuff tendon time to integrate and heal.

    The use of prescribed pain medication should only be done as directed and only when necessary. Taper off medications as the amount of pain decreases.

    Pay attention to your shoulder and report your progress over time. Also, let your doctor know about any concerns or signs of problems.

Get Moving Again with Shoulder Surgery in Florida.

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