Knee and hip replacement surgeries total nearly 1 million procedures annually. Though the vast majority of these procedures are successful and patients are extremely happy with the results, it can be difficult to return to your full function after this type of procedure.

athlete injury recovered with prp fasterYes, most patients are happy to maintain normal function of these all-important joints as most patients pre-replacement surgery cannot sustain movement of these joints without serious pain.

However, if you are a professional athlete, a knee replacement surgery will almost assuredly take away a step or two from your normal capabilities.

The same can be said for a hip replacement operation. If you are in the South Florida area and are considering a knee or hip replacement, consider the non-surgical alternative of PRP therapy.

PRP Therapy for Joints

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy for joint repair has been a non-surgical treatment method utilized by orthopaedic surgeons and sports-medicine specialist for years. By drawing blood from the patient, spinning that blood in a centrifuge to isolate the platelets in the blood which control the body’s healing process, doctors are able to create a potent cocktail that is 3-5 times more concentrated than the average blood cell.

When the doctor injects this healing and growth factor rich serum into a patient’s injured joint, it can

  • expedite the healing process,
  • repair deteriorating tissue,
  • and return the patient’s joint to a healthier state.

However, in instances where patients are looking for even faster results, or the PRP isn’t quite enough to achieve complete restoration of the patient’s cartilage and ligaments, Dr. Shaw has found a way to amplify his PRP treatments to keep patients off of the operating table and on the field sooner.

PRP + Stem Cells = Serious Results

Dwight Fast Recovery with PRP Therapy

A new adaptation of the very popular joint treatment, PRP therapy, is being developed by All-Pro Orthopedic’s own, Dr. Jesse Shaw. By taking the patient’s blood, isolating the healing and growth stimulating platelets in the blood through centrifugation and adding stem cells derived from the patient’s fat cells, Dr. Shaw has found a uniquely effective approach to treating serious knee and hip injuries without resorting to total knee or hip replacement.

Where PRP therapy kickstarts the body’s natural healing process and may even amplify the repair of tissue, it’s not quite as potent as a stem cell injection. By combining these two regenerative procedures into one extraordinary treatment, Dr. Shaw offers both his professional athlete patients and patients suffering from nasty bouts of chronic arthritis, an effective alternative to knee and hip replacement operations.

Patients are able to experience the regenerative boosts of isolated platelets, while simultaneously experiencing major repair to their cartilage and ligaments through effective mesenchymal stem cell therapy.

Before you opt for a potentially risky and career-altering hip or knee replacement surgery, consider a more natural, non-invasive approach to treating your injured joints.

All-Pro Orthopedics and Sports Medicine is now offering an innovative alternative to knee and hip replacement in PRP with stem cells. To place yourself on the fast track to recovery without placing yourself or your physical capabilities at risk, contact All-Pro Orthopedics today to schedule your PRP treatment.