Top Five Advantages of Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

Anterior Hip Replacement Pembroke Pines FLAnterior Hip Replacement surgery has many advantages over traditional hip replacement procedures.

The thought of replacing a hip probably conjures nightmare images of intense, invasive surgery and a long and protracted recovery. Such fears keep many people living with the pain of a damaged hip because they fear the surgical procedure.

However, patients needing hip replacement need to know about a relatively new technique – anterior hip replacement — which uses less drastic techniques to achieve just as effective results.

In an anterior hip replacement, we enter through the front of the body to replace the hip bone, which means we leave all of the muscles that are most important to mobility intact.

Here are the Top Five advantages of Anterior Hip Replacement.

  1. Muscles are maintained – Because this technique involves little or no cutting of muscles during the procedure, there are few muscles to be repaired once the new hip joint has been replaced. This is the main advantage of anterior hip replacement; without damaging the muscles, that is what leads to less pain, more mobility, and quicker recoveries.
  2. More accurate imaging – Advanced imaging techniques are used during this procedure, allowing for more precise placement of the replacement joint.
  3. Return of greater range of motion – In a traditional hip replacement, patients are told to refrain from specific movements or activities even once the new joint is in place.
    Anterior hip replacement results in greater mobility and flexibility, and few, if any, such restrictions are in place, and patients can usually return to all of their regular physical activities.
  4. Less post-operative pain – One of the most significant drawbacks of traditional replacement is that surgery is invasive and requires much cutting of bone and muscle. Patients experience considerable post-operative pain, which often has to be controlled with opioids, which have their own problems. Because this technique does not cut the muscles, patients have far less pain.
  5. Faster recovery – Again, because no muscles are cut, the recovery time from an anterior hip replacement is much quicker. Usually, recovery is only about a week, and patients can return home the same day as the procedure. As opposed to traditional hip replacement, which requires a hospital stay and can take up to 8 weeks to recover from!

Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery At All-Pro Orthopedics

Anterior Hip Replacement Pembroke Pines FLSince Anterior Hip Replacement surgery is such a new technique, there are not many orthopedic surgeons familiar with the procedure, and few, if any, who have been doing it as long as All-Pro,

Only the most advanced orthopedic surgeons should perform this operation.

At All-Pro Orthopedics, we have the training and experience to confidently perform anterior hip replacement surgery in Palmetto, Pembroke Pines, West Palm Beach, and Hollywood.

The results of anterior hip replacement at All-Pro can be life-changing. Ultimately you will want to meet with an orthopedic surgeon or sports medicine specialist to see if anterior hip replacement suits you.

You can contact one of our friendly appointment specialists at (954) 399-5976 to schedule your initial consultation.